More than a tree

Clustered Solomonic columns,
Writhing; frozen in fibrous form.

Weatherworn-grey strips fall away;
Presenting rich Indian red.

Serene sentinel stands, solemn;
Confetti-strewn leaves all around.

Tree, Sydney, Australia.

Container living

It’s perhaps destiny that these shipping containers form the backdrop to Ikea in Tempe, Sydney, Australia. Since moving to our new neighbourhood we have spent a reasonable amount of time and money in this store. The red oak Colorbond steel fence surrounding our back yard resemble the containers.

Friend or foe?

We were sipping Aperol Spritzes around dusk in Sydney, Australia. One of our group spotted an orange and black headed shard of bark moving up the tree next to us. We were fascinated by how quickly it scaled the branch; often vertically.

A Google search revealed the interloper to be the caterpillar of a Saunders’ Moth (metura elongatus), found on the Eastern seaboard.

More information can be found here

Crossing between

As we walked toward a path sheltered by trees I spied columns of light. A closer look revealed a tunnel under the light rail line. The mosaic tiled walls and path are cleverly lit from the floor.

This is part of one of the routes from Leichhardt to Haberfield, Sydney, Australia.

Water lilies

I have a small obsession with water lilies, especially those in Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia. I particularly like the shades of green, purple and yellow in this picture.