Nothing in particular

In a bid to make space on my iPad I was merrily deleting pictures when I came across this one. At first sight a leafy space in the local park containing bouganvillea. The contrast of focus from blurred to sharp and the vibrant colours captured my attention. I particularly like the juxtaposition of green, brown, red and mauve.


I am fascinated by these yellow flowers, some clusters appear to have grown in circles. This circle has a runaway!

The leaves resemble those of a dandelion, however the flowers don’t transmute into a powderpuff.


Image of a moment that is no more,
But one more memory shared, of this fair shore.
Blue of the harbour and red of the wine,
Light and shadow playing in the sunshine.

Happy faces at every mention
Of formal notice of our intention.
We will wed at the British Consulate.
Harbour-side mid-week lunch to celebrate.

With family and friends it will be regal,
‘Though same-sex union here’s not yet legal.
Some people, our decision, it astounds;
The dissonance of living still abounds.

(c) Robert Jones 2014, All Rights Reserved

Cheerful corner

This is a glimpse of the morning sun pouring through stained glass in the door that goes to the front garden. The light is diffused as it passes through a curtain decorated with appliquéd leaves in shades of green. Combined with the wall colour, candle sticks and Cirque du Soleil painting; a warming church-like scene.

I find the term ‘drawing-room’ a trifle pretentious, however after dinner we do withdraw to this east facing, cheerful, cosy and comfortable place.