Our initiation to this medieval French herbal infusion sweetened with honey, Benedictine took place at much loved Rubyos restaurant, Newtown, Sydney.

Liz introduced us to the delight of an after dinner Benedictine on the rocks.

Yesterday, we tried a Jamie Oliver sour Benedictine cocktail recipe including, brandy and lemon juice.

Perhaps swapping out Cognac for brandy did not enhance the taste experience. I hasten to add, I did not photographically record my screwed up face as evidence of the cough medicine flavour.

Today we have a winner, a Benedictine spritz.

The recipe:
Half teaspoon of Amaro
Dry sparkling white wine
Tablespoon of Benedictine

Start by adding the amaro to a champagne flute, then the Benedictine. Gently add dry sparkling white wine.

For the sweeter toothed, you can commence the recipe with a sugar cube or two in the champagne flute.

Feel free to share your favourite method of serving Benedictine in the comments below.