Winter skies and flowers

After three months’ working from home, a routine has developed. Starting work around 7 am, morning tea at 10:30, one hour for lunch at 1 pm, and finishing around 4pm.

The path to this regimen was at times bumpy. Reflecting on it now, I realise the journey is a text book example of the only group development model I can remember; ‘forming-storming-norming-performing’*.

My husband and I each had practises in place. Our daily lives, like so many worldwide, changed. Without even thinking about it, we began boundary setting and melding timetables, through negotiation.

The lunch hour is when we both switch off and take Stan for a walk. Together, we have found alternatives to trudging suburban streets.

One extended route takes us through a community garden, down quiet tree lined streets, along a pedestrian path bridging a narrow creek, and into a quiet lane with horse paddocks.

The red bloom image above, reminds me of a Passion flower, taken on one of our walks. Below, palms, skies and a Queenslander house.

*Bruce Tuckman, 1965

Manly, Queensland

Manly Harbour from Norfolk Point causeway

My husband let me know that the house was making him feel claustrophobic. I agreed with him, having only accomplished one ‘explore Queensland’ outing in the car since moving to Brisbane last year. We settled on making an 11km journey east, to Manly.

Don’t get me wrong, we like living in a modern house with a private courtyard. What we find challenging is that there is no view, other than looking at the walls of the neighbouring property. Also, most of the outside area is covered by a roof. Great for shade, not so great for creating a feeling of openness.

We have accomplished a lot in the last three months as noted in my previous post, Avoidance. This has taken its toll. Believing that we should be constantly busy at home winds one up so.

Masts, Manly Harbour from Sea Vibes kitchen and bar

After a short spell at Norfolk Point, we completely relaxed while sitting outside Sea Vibes kitchen and bar. Lightly gazing at the masts in the Harbour and feeling a breeze that took the heat out of a 30oC day.


Since moving to Brisbane we have:

  • redecorated the guest bedroom
  • had three ceiling fans installed
  • painted the courtyard
  • hung pictures
  • taken delivery of the materials for a deck (January project)

Also, I have made three unsuccessful job applications and almost finished writing a step by step guide to baking bread that I plan to release as an eBook.

We have both celebrated birthdays that step us towards sixty. In what seems like a blink of an eye, we marked twenty five years together in December by enjoying a lunch at StokehouseQ, overlooking the Brisbane River. As you can see from the photo, one is not too old to sit on Santa Nicolai’s lap. Thank you to the BrisBears for making us feel so welcome.

All of the above is no excuse for my apparent avoidance of blogging. Instead, spending mindless hours scrolling through Instagram posts. Rest assured, I have given myself a severe talking to!

Taking this opportunity, I wish my dear readers a wonderful festive season.

Robert x

Torture of the disestablished

Path overlooking Megalong Valley, Medlow Bath, NSW, Australia

Even though a decision has more or less been made to take voluntary redundancy, conversations with newly appointed bright eyed members of staff and valued colleagues remind me of what I will be missing.

At home, I focus on the future beyond the eight years invested at this place of employment. Options take on a lustre of shiny possibility. Queensland and Western Australia currently jostle as potential destinations to explore and settle. The journey will chart the next chapter of our lives in Australia.

On Monday, a window of opportunity opens for the ‘disestablished’ to express interest in new roles. Two weeks of hand wringing indecision awaits. Assuming my resolve does not waver the decision will truly have been made. The torture of unknowing continues as a fortnight of interviews follow. External recruitment to remaining vacancies will then occur. Only then will there be any idea of an end date for the disestablished.

You cab read about the background to this post at Should I Go or Stay.

Christmas in Sydney

The thunder storm last evening cleared the heat and humidity. The temperature in Leichhardt is a comfortable 21 oC, due to peak at 28 oC by midday. 

Christmas Day is going to be a collaborative effort kicking off around lunch time. I need to make mince pies before everyone arrives. 

Happy Christmas. 

Advance Australia fair

Three new towers stand with puffed out chests on the left of this scene. This photograph was taken from the Dockside Pavilion, Darling Harbour. It will soon be dismantled as the new Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre is now open for business a short distance away. 

Darling Harbour is a popular tourist destination, night and day. Drawn by bars, restaurants, aquarium, Maritime Museum and countless other attractions, visitors flock to this former heavy rail and shipping port. 

A monumental six star casino and hotel will rise to the left of the new towers. There is a daytime picture of the site in the Casino 2 post.