Golden sunset

Last evening I noticed the sunset transforming the metal trim on buildings into golden bands of light. I was not quick enough to capture the moment, however as I neared home I caught the sun dipping below the horizon. 


I lost so much weight overnight that I became invisible!

On the pedestrian crossing his morning people dropped  their heads like bulls about to charge and attempted to walk right through me. 

I wonder if this is the norm, or is the meditation paying off and I’m experiencing reality in the moment. 

Happy Thursday. 

Waking up

Slowly the streets and lanes in Leichhardt  are being transformed. Leaves, branches and blooms are bursting forth. 

Steadily gaining weight over the last six years up to 94 kilos at my heaviest. I feel like I have been in hibernation. As Australia stretches from its slumber so too do I awake. 

Yesterday marked the first day of a low carb diet. 

Spring has sprung

When living in a city it is easy to forget the passing of the seasons. Thankfully the distinct lack of vegetation in this picture is not the norm in Sydney. 

I cross Railway Square here every morning transferring from one bus to another. Today is special as Spring has sprung!