Poetry like water

During periods of drought
And feelings of self doubt,

I lack inspiration, become a lout.

It helps to go out and about;
Amble, absorb and tout. 

Passers by glimpse the pout.

Frustration mounts. 
Just want to scream, to shout,

To wake myself up with a clout;

Still fruitless at every bout. 

Can’t call myself poet devout. 
At times there are ideas I should flout.

Use notebooks to record, later rout them out. 

Now noises drown thoughts out
Needing and urging result in nowt. 

It’s enough to bring on one’s gout!

Patience pays off

To report that our backyard is small is an understatement. When we moved into the house two years ago we had great plans for an outdoor room, small pool and plants; the car has to fit too. We achieved our plans with the exception of somewhere comfortable to sit. 

Many boxes and pieces of furniture have added to the eclectic clutter of our home, until now. Plastic pallets, plywood, a gazebo kit, café blinds, a shade sail, careful planning and patience have resulted in an outdoor room. I am happy to say that we are protected from the sun, rain and even evil mozzies. Unfortunately our achievement is at the expense of the washing line and pool. 


There is something 
Just beyond my vision;

Déjà vu perhaps. 

Unattached to place or person. 

I sense there is something beyond,

But beyond where?

It’s just out of reach. 

Should I avoid the barely sensed void?

Or ought I explore with thought?

What if it’s just imagination?

Golden sunset

Last evening I noticed the sunset transforming the metal trim on buildings into golden bands of light. I was not quick enough to capture the moment, however as I neared home I caught the sun dipping below the horizon.