Effervescent Barbarella bubbles


As a child I spent hours drawing organic shapes then filling them with circles. The above is an example of the technique I drew over a few days in Paper 53 for iPad. I started with the basic shape, the rest evolved as I progressed.
The following ideas popped into my head as I quietly looped:

  • Mathmos lava lamps
  • PseudoIsochromatic Plates
  • Scaled Rarasaurus
  • Globular liquid
  • Emulsified oil
  • Magmatic water
  • Effervescent Barbarella bubbles
  • Blogosphere
  • Foaming
  • Stony riverbed
  • Chained
  • Chain stitch

Grave Blue Yonder

Earth’s clear blue eyes hint at fathomless depths,
Ripples sparkle by moonlight, in sunshine,
Zigzag squiggles dance to an unheard song,
Rainbow patterns entice the weary soul.

Bubbles show momentary glimpse below,
Effervescent beads surge upwards, pop, pop.
Eddies undulate to sooth, to caress,
Soft touch belies a harsh fatality.

(c) Robert Jones 2014, All Rights Reserved

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