Lunch destination

When walking Stan at the weekend we often include lunch at a cafe. We had our favourites in and around Leichhardt including, Monté, Capriccio, and the Pig and Pastry.

After collecting a set of keys and remote control for the aircon from the real estate agent we tried out the Little Hideout Café, Balmoral.

Delicious food, great coffee, and friendly service combined with outdoor seating make for a perfect destination that is 20 minutes walk from home.

Gardener’s Lodge

Built in 1888, one of two sandstone residences that flanked the gates to the main approach to the University of Sydney. The Gardener’s Lodge has been used as a public convenience (toilet) and sat empty for almost 10 years before being renovated and opening as a cafe in Victoria Park in 2012.

The mirror-imaged Messenger’s lodge was sadly demolished in 1940.