Bougainvillea litter

The entrance to our villa is marked on the ground by bougainvillea litter, strewn by the breeze. However, the picture does not capture the majestic proportions of the palm trees standing sentinel over the Pink Flamingo resort. 

Winter beauties

Like a person possessed I have accumulated quite a number of pictures of flowers while in Port Douglas, Australia. The one on the left is a member of the ginger family, I have no idea what the other two are, any suggestions would be gratefully received.


Each time I walk past these water lilies my imagination takes a plunge into fantasy, I see green fish or exotic mermaids taking a dive into the pond.

Tropical winter breeze

A three hour flight north to Cairns, far from the hustle and bustle of Sydney. A comfortable 28oC is plenty warm enough for shorts and tee shirts. I love tropical north Queensland, deep red, orange and pink flowers of the ginger plants contrast beautifully against so many shades of vibrant green. There was a strong breeze blowing in from the Pacific while we were having lunch in Palm Cove.