Tropical croton 

When living in the U.K. I tried to keep a croton. Attracted by contrasting bright vibrant splodges against the darkest green background, this indoor plant, in the cooler climate, received plenty of attention. Then one day, inexplicably, all of its leaves dropped off. Like other specimens that did not survive my care, the croton species fell firmly into the ‘too hard’ basket. 

Fast forward twenty years or so, I realised that, given the right environment, the croton is relatively hardy. We have two in a pot, in the garden, in Sydney. They seem to prefer being in part shade, tucked in amongst other plants. 

This particular beauty appears to be thriving in its tropical, Port Douglas home. 


This apartment block is one of many in a tree lined road with planted verges. Off street parking and providing access to the buildings limits the space available for gardens. Clever planting provides colour and life to this otherwise austere facade. Agaves are one of our favourites, we will include some in our tropical garden. 

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