Stained glass

KADER ATTIA, Untitled, 2014, 116 stained glass fragments, metal screw hooks, and fluorescent fixtures. 

Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia

The above is installed in a temporary wall. When entering the one-man show one approaches the back (or is it the front) of the piece. There is a rough, torn out hole in the wall, pieces of plasterboard lie scattered and heaped on the floor. The structure of the wall and the lighting behind the stained glass can be viewed through the hole. 

This installation reminded me of a disused church in Worcester, England that had lain empty for a while. Pieces of bottle green and purple coloured glass from the windows, lay on the earth surrounding the building. It was eventually converted into expensive apartments. 


Sacred structure with mystical power,
Faces of five with sides of four by three,
Temple of gods, tombs of dead, above tower.
Ages of man across continents, we
Came to shape, to form, to build where they stood
Little rest from toil, fashioning details,
Made of metal, glass, crystal, stone or wood
Free from glue, mortar, screws, nuts, bolts and nails.
Once finished, festivals cut across classes,
Processions, worship, awe inspiring sights
Entertain, enthral and engage the masses;
“What a joy, a night to rival all nights”
While deep below lie secrets of the dead,
Curses to strike fear of the heart and dread.

(c) Robert Jones 2013, All Rights Reserved