Green memories

The warm stone and brick facade of St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral contrasted against an ominous sky caught my eye during a recent visit to Adelaide, South Australia.

Once darkness had fallen the road washed with green light in front of the Cathedral reminded me of two hymns from my childhood:

There is a green hill far away
Jerusalem by William Blake

The first filled me with sadness, in contrast, I always enjoyed belting out the second, have I mentioned I was a chorister until my voice broke?

Red and green must be seen

My great local is Morton Park;
For walking Stan and birds to hark
Smell the Oleander tree,
Flowers, palms and shrubs to see,
Tall gums, gingers, lilies too;
Sunshine, clouds and skies of blue.
Space for picnics and to play,
Shortcut home or sit and stay.
The shades of red and green
Can’t be missed, must be seen!

Sabre Ficus

While enjoying the sunshine on the deck yesterday I noticed the way the light illuminated the various leaf colours of the Sabre or long leaf Ficus. I eagerly collected my camera so that I could capture the moment.

After a couple of close up shots I realised that the camera angle was all wrong. I returned to where I had been sitting on the day bed and took the picture from there.

Hey presto I am able to share the dark green to salmon pink scene with you.

Winter beauties

Like a person possessed I have accumulated quite a number of pictures of flowers while in Port Douglas, Australia. The one on the left is a member of the ginger family, I have no idea what the other two are, any suggestions would be gratefully received.