Big brother

Early morning shadows in a picture perfect street in Leichhardt. This fine example of Federation domestic architecture appears at risk of being engulfed by it’s younger sibling. Passers by receive a blank stare from a grey cuboidal blockhead and shoulders as they rise from behind the terracotta roof. 

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Why grey?

For a number of years it has been popular to paint your house grey. I wonder if this pair of houses would look different if the mouldings on the house on the right were picked out in a contrasting colour or shade. I personally prefer the colour palette used on the left, what do you think?

More than a tree

Clustered Solomonic columns,
Writhing; frozen in fibrous form.

Weatherworn-grey strips fall away;
Presenting rich Indian red.

Serene sentinel stands, solemn;
Confetti-strewn leaves all around.

Tree, Sydney, Australia.

Winter show

Drifting, floating on the breeze,
Come to rest high in the trees.
Sitting soft, held aloft,
Among the gold, falling leaves,
Gentle gust; limp ribbon weaves.

Relief from grey; colours glow,
Sad to see them deflate, slow.
Once a joy filled play toy:
Red; yellow; pink; orange; green;
Rainbow hues can still be seen.
(c) Robert Jones 2013, All Rights Reserved