Blue sky, Autumnal breezes

A shower drenched Friday has given way to Autumn sunshine filled days, low humidity, and comfortable mid to high 20s oC temperatures.

We are enjoying a post al fresco breakfast coffee whilst watching gusts bend and fiercely fan and flutter the golden cane palm fronds.

Occasionally, the melodious song of a solo bird heralds the roaring crescendo of leaves rustling in the surrounding trees.

Autumn is here!


Rose Bay at dusk

as the sun goes down colours fade away

I could be labelled as stocky and having footballers’ legs. I have a sedentary job yet my legs are chunky and strong.

Today began as an uphill struggle. My mind was closed, shutters were held fast by the workings of my brain. The effort of movement appeared to be too much; it would have been so much easier to give up, have a coffee and continue the day as it had begun. I consciously continued with my morning exercise until doors and barriers in my brain began to open and clear. The distractions of my clothing being too tight, the droning music of the gym and thoughts of things I needed to do at work today slowly receded leaving gaps to allow the spring of my mind to unwind. Gradually my thoughts turned to freedom, inner space and time to breath. Glimpses of heaven on earth flowed through my spirit in the form of sunshine, blue skies and green lands.

This is my inner space that Ekhart Tolle described in his book A New Earth. I have attempted many times to find this place by practicing yoga and meditation. The outside distractions always left me with a feeling of being unfulfilled. I now know that for me the path to freeing my mind is through repetitive, mindless exercise. It facilitates my connection with an ancestral past that required the use of my legs to survive.

Thank you Depicted Prophet for sharing ‘The Story of Your Enslavement’. This provided me with the catalyst to draw the threads of my thoughts together and to understand freedom of my mind at least.