Room with a view 

The original eighth floor room allocation was okay until the 8-4 maintenance work started on Tuesday morning. The view from the bay window was uninspiring unless one looked right toward the Swan River. 

As the repairs are scheduled to occur for the remainder of our stay, the Hyatt Hotel kindly moved us to the third floor, well away from the sound of angle grinding and drills. 

As of 4pm the temperature is 41 oC in Perth, Australia. We have spent the last four hours by and in the cool water of the pool. The above picture is taken from the comfort of our air conditioned room. 

Park Hyatt, Sydney

Approaching the Park Hyatt Hotel from the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Circular Quay, Sydney. 

The hotel follows the line of the foreshore in a graceful curve. I especially like the way it appears to nestle in front of the Harbour Bridge. 

High tea


Located on the 19th floor, the Club Lounge awaited, offering a modest afternoon tea with assorted scones, jams and cream. The evening drinks served from 6 pm, was accompanied by delicious hot and cold canapés, cheeses, fruit and artisan breads. 

Park Hyatt Hotel, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Garish combination

Hard surfaced distinction

Clean lined definition

Metal undulation

Golden decoration

Soft form reflection

Bright colour selection

Garish combination

Ballister detail, Park Hyatt Hotel, Melbourne, Australia 

Sparkling lunch

On Saturday we were treated to lunch for my birthday at the Park Hyatt Hotel adjacent to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A triple sparkling event as the group gazed at the harbour sipping champagne.