Dear Delia,

When I was twenty five years younger than I am today my friends would rave about your recipes. Unfortunately I am one of those people who like to discover things for themselves. I ignored their solicitations and denied their attention.

I wonder why, just at the time I needed a recipe, your easy entertaining recipe 3, Thick Lemon Tart appeared. This looseleaf recipe was published by you magazine in association with Sainsbury’s Magazine. The photo of you is credited to Peter Knab 1993. This recipe card survived the move from England to Australia in 1998, preserved between the pages of my Desserts And Puddings, Good Housekeeping Step-By-Step Cookery book.


The reason for needing the recipe was to make something with frozen limes harvested last year from a potted tree in our garden. I am happy to let you know that even though my oven doesn’t have temperatures marked, size 1 eggs are not available anymore and I was using key limes instead of lemons the resulting tart was delicious.

Today I’m making your Roasted Pumpkin Soup from Deliah online. I was so impressed to find that you have an online cookery school that I felt the need to recognise your philanthropic approach and introduce myself as a late blooming fan.



Thick Lemon Tart

Harvest time in the city

A couple of years ago we lived in a townhouse with a tiled courtyard and raised flower beds. For the first time since eating from my grand parent’s garden we were able to grow a delicious crop of rhubarb and lettuces.

Encouraged by our success when we moved to a house with a small garden, I planted basil seeds in pots and took more care of the potted fruit trees my partner had been giving me over the years.

This Summer we have been enjoying mint, basil, rosemary, bay leaf, thyme, oregano and marjoram. As the Autumn chill has crept into the mornings we have been harvesting. The olives will be ready on 9th May, the lemons and limes are ripening nicely and my partner has made basil pesto. I can’t find the right words to describe the deeply seated inner satisfaction of being able to grow, eat and share some of our food.

All you need is a bit of space, a little time and a sprinkle of patience to reap the benefits. Have a go!

Back to our garden roots urban-farming-and-limited-spaces

Drink lemon juice it’s amazing

The health benefits of lemon

The Photographic Journey of bulldog.

Lemons have so many different good qualities.. that their often sour or bitter taste, can be ignored because of their beneficial qualities.

Linda, my wife, has suffered from three different cancers (Colon, Breast and Ovarian) and because of this and the terror of having chemo and radiation therapy, we are always on the look out for alternate healthier ways of combatting a return. Lately we have been told of a good drink that assists in so many ailments.. LEMONS…

The suggestion was to grate a whole lemon, I mean whole, skin, pith and all the rest. Placing the resultant mulch in a bowl and adding a cup of warm/hot water, not boiling. Allow this to cool and add another cup of warm/hot water and again allowing to cool. continue with this till a quantity of approx. one and a half litres is reached.

When cool, place the liquid and pulp…

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