Inspirational Birds of Paradise Flowers

Before venturing to the Southern Hemisphere, a dear friend gave me painted, wooden, Balinese, Bird of Paradise flowers, they have fascinated me ever since.

I took the above last weekend while visiting Newcastle, the second largest city in New South Wales after Sydney. I particularly like the combination of secondary colours and the shades of green, orange and purple.

After experiencing limited Internet access for the past week, the following have inspired me to get my act together:
“Allow yourself to step away from the madness and frenzy of life and step into balance and awareness”. My Awakening Life

Monthly art celebrating the goddess conceived by, Adventures and Musings of a Hedgewitch

Peace Practice: Everyday Gurus

I’m finding it difficult to accept that my ramblings here deserve to be nominated for the following awards. Thank you to my nominators, followers and likers for expressing the contrary.

Day Dreamer Award by Mental Mystic

Liebster Award by Blog It or Lose It

Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Tuttacronaca

Liebster Award


I feel humbled to be nominated for the Liebster Award, thank you Kozo @Everyday Gurus, I recommend that you visit his inspirational blog.

11 Random things about me:

  • Eldest of three sons
  • Surname has Welsh origins
  • Shropshire is the closest to Wales my ancestors called home (researched so far)
  • First name means bright fame
  • I have been described as a quiet achiever
  • Magick has helped me to focus my life’s path
  • Never owned a bicycle
  • Qualifications in children’s shoe fitting and ceramics
  • I read tarot cards
  • I was awestruck by the red earth and blue sky when I walked down the steps of the plane in Alice Springs
  • Former boss wrote in a reference that I was economical with words

My nominations in no particular order:

Adventures and Musings of a Hedgewitch for prolific posting
Leaf and Twig for bite sized posts of words and images
The Temenos Journal for sharing memories, a journey and passion
Janas Journal for inspirational watercolours of everyday life
A Mental Mystic for inspirational thoughts and friendship on life’s journey
Notes from the Underground for magickal inspiration and sharing my posts
Canadian Hiking Photography for beautiful landscapes
To Be Aware for practical tips on life’s journey
My Awakening Life for handmade trees of life and guidance on the path
Exhale Joy for inspirational words and images
Christian Mihai proving persistence pays off

Thank you for making me feel welcome in the blogosphere (excuse my bending of the rules for this award, I have no idea how to measure the number of followers you have).

Feel free to share whatever your heart desires (rather than answering 11 questions).

Robert (theINFP)