Water lily

For me, this glorious water lily symbolises holiday time in Port Douglas, Far North Queensland. It’s petals and radiant centre can only be seen during the day. As soon as darkness descends, the bloom closes, held tight within a teardrop shaped bud. It serenely stands sentinel over the pond, evoking a feeling of peace and calm. 

This trip has reinforced the symbolism, as it has rained every day. 

Telephoto macro

Yesterday I was reading about macro extension tubes and close-up photography. I thought to myself, surely a telephoto lens could achieve a similar result. A few searches of the Internet later and scrambling around to find the lens resulted in the above. 

The morning sun streaming in through the kitchen window was too bright so I moved the flower to the table. The lily took on an otherworldly luminance. 

Water lilies

I have a small obsession with water lilies, especially those in Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia. I particularly like the shades of green, purple and yellow in this picture.

Gymean perspective

The gymea lilies haven’t started flowering in Sydney yet. I took this photograph at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, in October. I like the part they play in the perspective of this view.