Memory clouds

Forgotten photo I.D. in Sydney;
Misplaced memory triggered to dawn.
An afternoon years ago, friends of three;
Forgotten party tickets in Melbourne.
Emotions: panic; anger; disbelief.
Denominators: time; cabs; cash; relief.

Majestic dame

Located next to Luna Park, St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia, the Palaise is a monument to picture and musical theatre.

When Palais Pictures was built it was one of the largest theatres in the southern hemisphere. It opened on 11 November 1927 with Janet Gaynor in “Seventh Heaven”. Palais Pictures was one of the first suburban cinemas to screen talkies on 3 July 1929.Until the fifties, it was the place to go to the movies.

Written by Palais Theatre Management Pty Ltd, 2013,, viewed 8 December 2013

You can see pictures of the inside of the theatre at Palaise Theatre

Out of step

We arrived into Tullamarine airport on Wednesday a little behind schedule, that moment was a taste of what was to come. Over the next three days it was as if synchronicity had flown out of the window. We were totally in tune with each other but not with Melbourne. On our own time continuum we enjoyed a memorable anniversary with laughter along the way.

Today the sky cleared, we walked along St. Kilda Road to the beach.



The metre of this poem is sadly affected by Chablis, Minervois and Amaro
A water rabbit,
A water tiger,
Go to lunch in rain,
To the Point Restaurant,
Albert Park, Melbourne,
By car not by train.
Sit next to a lake,
White truffle offered,
This time too sublime.
Food wine and service
Totally divine.
Overall we had
Thoroughly great time;
Followed by bubbles
In spa bath growing.


Victorian adventure

I have stayed in converted homes, convents and warehouses, never a car showroom. For our 20th anniversary Mark and I are in Melbourne at the Royce Hotel on St. Kilda Road. This is the closest I have been to being in a Roller. From the sixth floor Royal Suite we can see over the tree tops north to the city skyline. In true Melbournian style it has been raining.


If you visit Melbourne knowing that there can be four seasons in a day you wont be disappointed. It is great for cosy bars, excellent food, elegance and trams. Tonight we went for dinner at Il Bacaro, an old favourite. Where else can you get caught up in truffle mania? Festa del tartufo celebrates the limited availability of the white truffle from Alba, Piemonte, Italy – it was grated and weighed at the table 3 or 5 g.

We began our gastronomic evening with a 1er cru Chablis followed by 2002 1re cru Burgundy and finished with a Hind VSOP cognac.

Royce Hotel
Il Bacaro


There is nothing wrong with beneath.
Sometimes I prefer to dwell here
Among earthly things to amuse,
Running the risk of being caught
In tangled grip of undergrowth.
Too much to distract and let go,
Impeding my return aloft.
Inner light shines through the darkness,
Showing me the way to rejoin
The path, to soar above again.