New Moon

rainbow colours

refracted light

I took advantage of the rising of the new moon on 15th September by invoking energy, motivation, persistence and resilience.

The effect of the waxing moon is proving to be a challenge, not only do I need to lose 13 cms from my waist, I have also commenced a project at work which will take over my life for the next two weeks.

For the past couple of weeks my weight has remained constant while my waist has reduced by a whole one centimeter, at this rate it will take 6 months of 5 x 35 minutes of cardio exercise per week to achieve the goal waist. The problem with full on projects is that I find it harder to exercise regularly and to eat sensibly.

Memory Motivation Momentum

autumn leaves in Melbourne

sunlight at dusk

My thoughts and memories are like leaves on a tree, they form and develop into buds before bursting into life. Drawing strength from the tree the leaves in turn provide nourishment from the sun. In time the leaves like memories fade and die, to be absorbed back into the cycle of lie.

How would you describe your thoughts?