Memory clouds

Forgotten photo I.D. in Sydney;
Misplaced memory triggered to dawn.
An afternoon years ago, friends of three;
Forgotten party tickets in Melbourne.
Emotions: panic; anger; disbelief.
Denominators: time; cabs; cash; relief.

Customs House, Newcastle

In its report on the donation of the Customs House clock to the Newcastle Museum following the 1989 earthquake, the abc advises that

Customs administration was first established in 1828 and was housed at various locations until the current building was built and occupied in 1877.

You can see the time-ball on top of the tower of the building, which dropped everyday at 1pm enabling sailing ship captains to synchronize their ships chronometers.

The leaning tower is due to the camera lens I was using when I took the picture.

Solid foundation

Like many cities around the World the industries that brought wealth and stability to Newcastle have mostly disappeared. Social change, the 1989 earthquake and 15 years of neglect has left the 1930s Great Northern Hotel battered and bruised. I hope that the Newcastle regeneration project reaps rewards for the city centre and restoration of its historic buildings.

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The 418

Warm, wet, watch,
Wait. Early or late?
Here at last.
Shuffle step.
De de-de-de.
Whir-whir, whir-whir.
Thrown in seat.
Stop. Chug-chug chug-chug,
Start, err rer rer rer,
Bounce bob,
Whir-whir whir-whir
Sway, lurch, stop.

Loop ’til D’Hill

(c) Robert Jones 2014, All Rights Reserved

Against all odds

After upsizing some of our potted plants we had a spare container which we excitedly filled with begonias. A few days of 35 to 40oC temperatures last Summer resulted in begonia devastation. From the cataclysm a sole survivor popped up in Spring this year, this is its first bloom.