Steel sculpture of two paper aeroplanes by Australian sculptor, Jonathan Leahey.  The eight metres long planes are located at 249 Adelaide Terrace, Perth. 
The challenge of getting the planes airborne flashed through my mind while taking the photograph. I reflected on the upcoming 19th anniversary of our landing in Australia. While we have been back to the UK to visit family and friends a number of times over the years, Australia is our home. 

Aztec koalas

Walking east along Murray Street towards Perth City we came across this spectacular curved mural on a tower attached to what appears to be a multi-storey car park. This work by Mexican artist Favio Martinez Curiot was painted as part of Form‘s Public 2015 festival in April 2015.

Curiot’s street art often depicts mythical creatures blended with animal and human forms. This mural portrays Aztec looking koalas sitting in a gum tree. It is featured in the top ten murals from public street art festival by Widewalls

PUBLIC, FORM, Perth, Australia, 2015 Image by Ryan Musiello from Favio Martinez Curiot‘s website.

Room with a view 

The original eighth floor room allocation was okay until the 8-4 maintenance work started on Tuesday morning. The view from the bay window was uninspiring unless one looked right toward the Swan River. 

As the repairs are scheduled to occur for the remainder of our stay, the Hyatt Hotel kindly moved us to the third floor, well away from the sound of angle grinding and drills. 

As of 4pm the temperature is 41 oC in Perth, Australia. We have spent the last four hours by and in the cool water of the pool. The above picture is taken from the comfort of our air conditioned room.