Bougainvillea litter

The entrance to our villa is marked on the ground by bougainvillea litter, strewn by the breeze. However, the picture does not capture the majestic proportions of the palm trees standing sentinel over the Pink Flamingo resort. 

Flamingos in the mist

After a break of only one week I have found it incredibly difficult to get back into the swing of life in Sydney. The memory of our vacation in the uncomplicated, tropical Winter climate of Port Douglas stands in stark contrast to the daily routine of (relative) cold, traffic and gym based exercise life to which I have returned.

Making sense of the polarised forces at work have highlighted what a cluttered life I lead, holding on to too much emotionally and physically. It is no wonder that I feel sluggish as I haul the baggage of my past around with me. I stand facing a barricade of feelings and possessions that I need to clear from my path.