Tropical frangipani

I am used to seeing dome shaped frangipani trees, in Sydney, with plump looking branches and a mass of long, sword shaped, leaves. This example in Port Douglas, Far North Queensland has produced gorgeous blooms, with few leaves and a totured looking trunk and branches. 

Closed-litter Rainbow Skink

After being in Port Douglas for just over a week, the sun came out. While sitting in our courtyard, eating lunch, we spotted three of these fellows. Each keeping to their own patch. When two became too close speedy chasing and tail biting took place. A Google search identified them as Closed-litter Rainbow Skinks (Carlia longipes).

Bougainvillea litter

The entrance to our villa is marked on the ground by bougainvillea litter, strewn by the breeze. However, the picture does not capture the majestic proportions of the palm trees standing sentinel over the Pink Flamingo resort. 

Water lilies

I have a small obsession with water lilies, especially those in Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia. I particularly like the shades of green, purple and yellow in this picture.