Winter warmth

The trees in Sydney are catching on to the fact that it is Winter. 

Winter warmth of russet, orange, 

Red, and some brown ‘gainst sky of blue;

Sluggish words rolling off the tongue; 

Round sounds linger in the crisp air. 

Russet ramblings

There is something satisfying about saying the word russet outloud. 

A rolling of the “rrr ; feel the vibration in your chest. 

Accentuating the “ss” sound followed by a long sexy “eht”.

For me this word encompasses the rich bounty of Autumn’s harvest. 

Autumn colours

Daylight saving steals and gives back one hour. I have spent every waking moment of today relishing the feeling of my hour being returned to me unharmed.

Imagine losing six months……

I have an affinity with Autumn, however to me October = Autumn, this is the month I was born, it is when the trees in the northern hemisphere change their colours and shed them for Winter. This is the time that there is still a chance of an Indian Summer, harvest festival, Halloween and the first sign of Christmas decorations.

When we moved to Australia in January 1998, we left Winter in Birmingham to be catapulted into Summer in Sydney and before I knew it was Autumn again, but in April. No matter how much I cherish those lost 26 weeks, it is not enough to return to the grey country.