A smattering of these signs appeared on the side of bus shelters around Sydney. 

A smattering also describes my knowledge of this initiative by American Express. 

I am reliably informed that there are four businesses listed in the locale; a smattering here too!

Alien encounter

I went into a discount chemist shop today in the suburb we moved to just over a week ago. Inside, the shelves were sparsely stocked. There weren’t any other customers and on first glance, members of staff were absent too.

While looking for the item I wanted to buy, I noticed a man wearing a white jacket behind the prescription counter. Assuming he was a pharmacist, I walked over and gave him the item. He walked around me to the cash register. I gave him $10, he gave me $2.05 change.

Behaving contrary to normal I consciously did not thank him. No words were exchanged; upon leaving the shop I decided I wouldn’t go there again.