Italian Hibiscus

We arrived in Rarotonga, Cook Islands in the early hours of the morning, buds seemed to be scattered on every surface in our room. We awoke to the sight of fully opened brilliant red blooms. Since that day Hibiscus flowers remind me of the tropics.

I was pleased to see these beauties in Sorrento, Italy.

Creative Passion

I wrote the following to describe the energy of creativity that builds within me before erupting. It seems appropriate that I include a photograph of Mount Vesuvius slumbering next to the Bay of Naples, Italy.

I took the picture from the terrace of the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, Summer 2012.

Like molten rock creativity churns
Deep within me, it spins, spits, spurts and burns.
Eager for release it seeks chink and crack
Sparks fly out too many to catch, to track.

Ideas settle, gain heat, grow strong, ignite.
Air fans the flames to inspire beyond sight,
Time’s consumed, no thought of hunger or thirst
Need only feed the inner seed to burst
Onto the physical plane to receive
Interest measured without need to deceive.

Brief relief from inner forces at work
Deep felt passion again begins to lurk.

(c) Robert Jones 2013, All Rights Reserved