Majestic dame

Located next to Luna Park, St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia, the Palaise is a monument to picture and musical theatre.

When Palais Pictures was built it was one of the largest theatres in the southern hemisphere. It opened on 11 November 1927 with Janet Gaynor in “Seventh Heaven”. Palais Pictures was one of the first suburban cinemas to screen talkies on 3 July 1929.Until the fifties, it was the place to go to the movies.

Written by Palais Theatre Management Pty Ltd, 2013,, viewed 8 December 2013

You can see pictures of the inside of the theatre at Palaise Theatre

Out of step

We arrived into Tullamarine airport on Wednesday a little behind schedule, that moment was a taste of what was to come. Over the next three days it was as if synchronicity had flown out of the window. We were totally in tune with each other but not with Melbourne. On our own time continuum we enjoyed a memorable anniversary with laughter along the way.

Today the sky cleared, we walked along St. Kilda Road to the beach.