Stick in the mud

It was a sunny day with a refreshing nip in the air. I made my way to a seat next to an ordinary looking young man, thankfully he didn’t appear to be listening to music. I quickly became immersed in the chatter of my mind. Occasionally I noticed details for the first time on buildings I had frequently seen before. I was vaguely aware of the bus stopping and starting as it often does on weekday mornings going into the city along Parramatta Road, Sydney, Australia.

Suddenly, the person next to me stood up. 

I’m usually hypersensitive of others being about to do something. The shock of movement from next to me jolted me to the core. I experienced a yoyo feeling somewhere in my upper chest. Assuming the man wanted to alight from the bus. I hurriedly grabbed the bags on my lap, stood, stepped into the aisle, and sat down again after he had gone. 

Memories of similar situations connected in my mind. Why did I react in the way that I did? My childhood training has stayed with me, I excuse myself and thank people when I need to get past them!

I would be interested in reading your experiences like this.