Birdseye view

Even though this kookaburra occasionally slid backwards, it had determination. It’s chosen perch, the edge of the 21st floor glass balustrade, facing north.

He, like the patrons of the Terrace, Emporium Hotel, Brisbane was there for the view.

Evening flight

A delay of two hours due to an inbound passenger’s illness and the need for a forensic clean. I suspect Virgin Australia assigned us a different plane.

The later flight awarded a view of the setting sun; clouds looking like a bushfire, blazing in the distance.


I was willing the bus to get the stop near the end of the road on way home this evening. I wanted to be able to take a picture of dusk from the footbridge over the Parramatta Road, Leichhardt. 
When I think of the words dusk and dusky they conjure images of muted tones and dusty pastel shades. I am happy with the photo of the sunset above, I think it is in this ilk. 

Golden sunset

Last evening I noticed the sunset transforming the metal trim on buildings into golden bands of light. I was not quick enough to capture the moment, however as I neared home I caught the sun dipping below the horizon.