Dark swan of peace

I have been struggling with this month’s Bloggers for Peace challenge, which is one of the reasons it is nearing the end of April as I complete this post.

All I can offer are my opinions which are not based on my childhood experience of anger, sexism, racism and abuse due to my step father’s narrow minded and twisted view of life. I believed everything I was told, it was not until I moved from home that I discovered there was so much more to life than tv game shows, compulsive gambling and domestic violence. Thank goodness my mother escaped from the years of hell she endured for the sake of us kids.

The dark swan is not evil because of its colour, just as the dark shadow of youth within me is not evil. Both have the ability to be free.

Something of my inner child remains hiding deep inside. It surfaces in moments of playfulness and delight. I believe that children need love and care combined with exposure to as broad as possible points of view, information, people and attitudes. Guardians need to be available to answer their questions and to help them find their own way through the maze of stereotypes and punitive attitudes society will throw in their way.

Enable the children to find freedom and peace where it exists for them.

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Rubbish Dump to Park

sydney park

Brick works in the 19th century, rubbish dump in the 20th, thank fully the last 22 years have seen the City of Sydney transform this mistreated landscape into 44 hectares of parkland to be enjoyed in the 21st century.


Sydney Park’s 12km (about 19 miles) of paths are enjoyed by walkers, joggers and cyclists. Being an off leash parks, dogs are free to run while children play in a safety.

tree blur

There is space to picnic and also to enjoy the native shrubs and trees.


As the park matures ducks are attracted to the wetlands.


If you are lucky you can enjoy the sight of black swans regally, gliding by.