Mutually beneficial 

There are people in my life who push my buttons, causing me to question my words and actions. Yesterday for example, the first email of the day was from a work colleague asking for  a meeting to discuss myself and my team moving out of our offices. Some of their people would be moving in next week. They appeared in my office, shortly after receiving news that I knew nothing about the relocation. We exchanged points of view in a jovial manner. I offered one of the desks in the area for one of their team members, as a stop gap measure.

A small time later I received another email from them, letting me know that they had no intention of kicking us out. I know that they are not the catalyst, there are more senior powers at work. The communication ended with the following “Sorry for the stressful start to your morning.” What had I done to elicit this statement? I had been reasonable, calm, and accommodating in my discussion with them; in no way stressed.

An article from What Happened When I Stopped Saying “Sorry” at Work For a Week explains the positive impact on the apologiser of replacing “sorry” with “thank you”. If my colleague had thanked me rather than apologising, I would also have been spared my own negative feelings of self doubt.

Liebster Award


I feel humbled to be nominated for the Liebster Award, thank you Kozo @Everyday Gurus, I recommend that you visit his inspirational blog.

11 Random things about me:

  • Eldest of three sons
  • Surname has Welsh origins
  • Shropshire is the closest to Wales my ancestors called home (researched so far)
  • First name means bright fame
  • I have been described as a quiet achiever
  • Magick has helped me to focus my life’s path
  • Never owned a bicycle
  • Qualifications in children’s shoe fitting and ceramics
  • I read tarot cards
  • I was awestruck by the red earth and blue sky when I walked down the steps of the plane in Alice Springs
  • Former boss wrote in a reference that I was economical with words

My nominations in no particular order:

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Christian Mihai proving persistence pays off

Thank you for making me feel welcome in the blogosphere (excuse my bending of the rules for this award, I have no idea how to measure the number of followers you have).

Feel free to share whatever your heart desires (rather than answering 11 questions).

Robert (theINFP)