Blue sky thinking

I am privileged to have a line manager who believes in my abilities. As part of my professional development my manager suggested I have some coaching. Part of my coaching homework is to identify what my ideal job would look like. Here are my ideas so far in the order I thought of them:

  • An open plan office for project work (this could be virtual)
  • Consultation room for one-to-one conversations and alone time
  • Windows
  • Plants
  • On the second or third floor so that I can take the stairs
  • Adjustable lighting level
  • Flexible working in and out of office
  • Serve a purpose, improve, create
  • Independent temperature control
  • Easy access to a gym, cafe, shops, transport
  • Walking distance or short trip by one mode of public transport from home
  • Space to create – walls, tables, stuff to create with
  • Tools to research and develop ideas
  • Be able to discuss ideas with others
  • Direct reports working under broad direction*
  • Workforce with a balance of skills and experience*
  • Access to a kitchen
  • Financial security
  • Easy access to tranquil outside space
  • Power struggle and politics free

*most of my roles to date have included managing people, maybe not in the future?

I’m happy to receive your suggestions of suitable employers 🙂