Magic boxes

Lidded boxes fascinate me. With a nod to recycling we use them to store stuff, like teddy bears, candles, incense, pens, pencils, baking paraphernalia, essential oils, coasters, watches, rings, necklaces, the list goes on. Sometimes the box has a special memory attached to it, reminding us of where it came from.

We have leather, cardboard, timber, ceramic and metal boxes in oblongs, squares, hexagons and cylinders. We have a few tins that were once home to chocolates, biscuits and toffees. The picture of the one above is the latest addition to the collection, a gift from friends who came for dinner last night.

Most of the time we know where they are and what’s in them; sometimes they go walk-about. When I come across a box that we’ve mislaid I experience a moment of anticipation as I lift the lid; what forgotten treasure will I find?