Humming tree

There were three trees in the backyard when we moved in almost one year ago. The tree fern was already dead, the pine tree quickly followed, and the ficus-like one above had been heavily pruned. For the past couple of weeks bees have been busily collecting from clusters of creamy white flowers. The humming sound and being showered with pollen while sitting at the table below has been a rare treat. 

From the bus stop

If someone had told me, when I was young, that I would one day leave the cool northern hemisphere climate, my birthplace, I wouldn’t have believed them. 

Why would I want to trade in grey, cloudy skies, and drizzly rain that clings to your clothes and hair?

This morning I find myself sitting at the bus stop. Across one of the busiest roads in Sydney I see: a blue sky; lush green leafed trees; and a palm tree.  

More than a tree

Clustered Solomonic columns,
Writhing; frozen in fibrous form.

Weatherworn-grey strips fall away;
Presenting rich Indian red.

Serene sentinel stands, solemn;
Confetti-strewn leaves all around.

Tree, Sydney, Australia.