Happy memories

The great green glory of nature is encapsulated in the hypnotic rustle and sway of the grasses, surrounding Coate Water.

Nine years have passed since I last trod upon this pleasant land. Sadness and loss formed the backdrop of that visit. It took the wedding of a special family member and much coercing to get me to make the journey.

Time with family in celebration and basking in the warmth of friendship have made many happy memories.

In drinking deeply of the verdant oases of Swindon, Portishead and the surrounding countryside of Wiltshire and Somerset, I have renewed my love of England, country of my birth.

Invigorated and refreshed; we soon commence our return to Australia, via Italy.

Water lilies

I have a small obsession with water lilies, especially those in Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia. I particularly like the shades of green, purple and yellow in this picture.

Grave Blue Yonder

Earth’s clear blue eyes hint at fathomless depths,
Ripples sparkle by moonlight, in sunshine,
Zigzag squiggles dance to an unheard song,
Rainbow patterns entice the weary soul.

Bubbles show momentary glimpse below,
Effervescent beads surge upwards, pop, pop.
Eddies undulate to sooth, to caress,
Soft touch belies a harsh fatality.

(c) Robert Jones 2014, All Rights Reserved

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Cool shadow

When the Sun starts its journey from directly overhead towards its setting in the west it is a challenge to find shade walking from Circular Quay to Bennelong Point, Sydney, NSW, Australia. The light was so bright on this day that I hadn’t realised that I’d chopped the front of the Carnival Spirit cruise ship off until I got home. Even so I achieved my objective of capturing the cool water bound shadow of the ship.

The appearance of the jet boat in the photograph is a pleasant accident.



The metre of this poem is sadly affected by Chablis, Minervois and Amaro
A water rabbit,
A water tiger,
Go to lunch in rain,
To the Point Restaurant,
Albert Park, Melbourne,
By car not by train.
Sit next to a lake,
White truffle offered,
This time too sublime.
Food wine and service
Totally divine.
Overall we had
Thoroughly great time;
Followed by bubbles
In spa bath growing.


Mossman Gorge


A cooling retreat from the 32oC heat in downtown Port Douglas, Mossman Gorge offers rainforest walks and a waterhole for swimming. Not many people opted for the 2km circuit walk up the side of the gorge down to the creek and back up again. The earthy smells of fertile soil, decaying vegetation and unpolluted air was intoxicating.

Mossman Gorge website

Treading water

You would think that with all this time on my hands that I would be focussed, disciplined and totally capable of completing my lesson and meditating. Where has the time gone? It is not like I have been watching the television every night. Okay I have posted a few things on this blog, been diligent with attending workshops, key note speeches, an extended special interest group on psychological well being and resilience, and surprisingly for me talked to people I don’t know.

I have had difficulty sleeping the whole time I have been in Wellington, last night was no exception. Today I’m looking forward to heading home to Sydney. My bags are packed and I’m ready to go; checkout time isn’t for another hour and I know that I will have to wander around aimlessly once I have given up the temporary sanctuary of my room.

Luckily I have time to go back to Te Papa Museum to visit the Andy Warhol exhibition and do some shopping before heading off to the airport. I managed to secure an aisle seat on the flight so I won’t have to sit squashed against the wall of the plane. I wonder if I will need to contend with a fellow passenger who is as free with their elbows as the woman next to me on the flight to New Zealand. I don’t understand why the seats are not designed wide enough to accommodate me. The prospect of being bashed by passages walking backwards and forwards and the trolley doesn’t fill me with glee.