Winter warmth

The trees in Sydney are catching on to the fact that it is Winter. 

Winter warmth of russet, orange, 

Red, and some brown ‘gainst sky of blue;

Sluggish words rolling off the tongue; 

Round sounds linger in the crisp air. 

Urban eclipse


  • dark and light,
  • unkempt and pristine, 
  • old and new, 
  • cluttered and neat. 

Corner of Higson Lane and Little Flinders Lane eclipsing the Chanel store, Melbourne, Australia. 

Wet weather project

I’m a novice knitter. 

Last year, I learned garter stitch so that I could knit booties. This year, thanks to a post on The Free Spirit on creating a loose knit blanket I have added stockinette stitch to my repertoire. 

The above is a practise piece using leftover wool from the booty project. Perhaps a dark green cushion cover using chunky yarn will satisfy my yearning for a wet weather project. 

Living memory

This is an almost daily view while waiting for the bus to work. This snapshot of the Parramatta Road is typical. 19th and 20th century buildings vying for attention. 

At ground level shopfronts have been modernised while the floors above are often dishevelled, victims of neglect. 

This section on the Petersham side of the street would at one time have been a bustling microcosm of commerce. There would have been pubs, restaurants and shops. All within walking distance from home. 

Today, food courts, shopping centres and chic waterfront bars draw the motor bourne passengers. Vehicles drive by, oblivious to what once was. 

As the juggernaut that is the West Connex rides rough shod through communities, I wonder how much longer this living memory will exist. 


Thoughts of:

  • Walled gardens
  • 19th century red brick buildings
  • Warmth of terracotta in the early evening, after a day in the sun. 


I was willing the bus to get the stop near the end of the road on way home this evening. I wanted to be able to take a picture of dusk from the footbridge over the Parramatta Road, Leichhardt. 
When I think of the words dusk and dusky they conjure images of muted tones and dusty pastel shades. I am happy with the photo of the sunset above, I think it is in this ilk.