orange poppy

convergence to a single point

Do apparently random, unconnected events, incidents and encounters lead to a particular moment in time? I find myself questioning feelings of deja vu and subconsciously connecting the dots of experiences. There appears to be something guiding me along an invisible meandering path.

As long as I can remember I have be drawn to the idea that there is more to existence than what we are told to believe or what we see around us. The dichotomy of needing to perform in the perceived real world and allowing myself the space and freedom to be open to the otherworldly and non-physical is a skill I am developing.

There have been times when I have sought to work out a plan of where I want to go in life. Like many projects, I start with a great deal of all consuming enthusiasm, this peters out to become unresolved and unfinished. Yet when I persevere and achieve an outcome this surprises me.

It has taken many years for me to understand the significance of 9th card in the major arcana of the Tarot, The Hermit I like stillness; time and space to be introspective; to seek a greater understanding of what it all means. I enjoy giving and receiving guidance – being and turning to a trusted teacher. I find myself creating an inner space, a temporary escape from the pressures I place on myself at work, at home and participating in society.

The act of creating something, be it writing, painting, sketching or baking bread, provides me with a vehicle on the physical plain to free my mind, to look within and explore the possibilities of a higher consciousness.

As with all points in time that hold significance for me, I can’t prevent myself from linking the events of today with a trail of incidents in the past. An example of this is the family friend who as a teenager I knew as auntie. She would use an ordinary deck of playing cards to provide an insight into the possibilities for the future. She gave me a pack of tarot cards which I have carried with me between hemispheres. The cards and the memory of that event have helped to shape where I am now, my beliefs and approach to life.

I see myself as a piece of weathered driftwood, bobbing along on the sea. The tide and the wind guide me through life. It must be frustrating for those few people close enough to me to experience my lack of direction, indecisive and un-opinionated outlook on life. 

3 thoughts on “Convergence

  1. Hi — Yes, these thoughts resonate with me…as do the photos. I recently picked up a book about Tarot for writers, to help craft characters, but I don’t write much fiction. You’ve inspired me to consider it in my essays!

    • Happy birthday to you Andrea, I find it fascinating how the Universe can work to bring people together just at the right time. I do not believe that I have inspired anyone before. I look forward to future conversations. I am also new to blogging!


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