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Yesterday, I was cruising around the blogs that I devoutly follow (I’m getting better at checking in, at least. *grins*), and one way or another I found myself upon the “doorstep” of The Golden Age of Gaia (formerly The 2012 Scenario).  It was while there that I read through a recent post regarding February 14th and their desire for that day to become known as “a day of global love, abundance and equality”.  This is perfectly inline with my own thoughts with regard to that day, at least to some degree.

Valentine’s Day has become a day focused on romantic love (as well as materialism, but that’s another “rant” for another time).  One that is seemingly exclusive to some and, in many ways, depression worthy for oh-so-many.  It was my intent (before coming across the post at The Golden Age of Gaia) to focus this year on another type…

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