Nuts about knots

I collected the cord from paper carrier and gift bags for a few years. As the collection grew larger and the cords got tangled up I extracted the ones made from natural fibre and discarded the rest. I never knew why I was collecting them, only that one day I would need them. I have been introduced to the world of knots by my dear friend Sue Vincent.

I was amazed to find that there is a language of knots. So if you’re at a loose end and fancy learning the difference between the ascending end, bight, clockwise loop and a pentaradial I suggest checking out the step by step guides available on YouTube. If you prefer an illustrated book I suggest Decorative Fusion Knots. To whet your appetite, section one is available to download in PDF at Decorative Fusion Knots.

The above is my first attempt at a double coin knot and a cloud knot.

10 thoughts on “Nuts about knots

  1. Something peaceful about these knots. Maybe it is the symmetry. Or the white on black. Reminds me of a cross between the peace sign and Yin and Yang. {{{hugs]}} Kozo

  2. Somehow your posting reminded me of my days as a Boy Scout, although our knots were intended to be primarily functional, not decorative. Still, we had some cool-sounding names like a bowline on a bight. If I can scare up some rope, I might have to try a few of these.

    • Yes, that is part of the reason I find them fascinating. I like their simple appearance, yet trying to trace the path of the cord with my eye is challenging.

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