Why the rush?

I normally hold off getting up to join the jostling sardine packed aisle when a flight lands. As I was sitting next to the aisle and near the front of the plane on my return to Sydney on Thursday, I squeezed myself into the melee. With a backpack and duty free bag in hand I headed for the door and alighted.

While contemplating the meaning of life during my journey on and off the travelators, I became aware of a man who had been trying to elbow his way past me on the plane. Judging by the focussed look on his face and a head down stance he seemed eager to be the first to reach passport control. Whatever, I thought and quickly forgot about him as I negotiated the SmartGate using the shiny new ePassport, property of the Australian Government.

I took my time to walk to the luggage claim area. From experience I know that the bags take a while to commence their journey around the carousel. As I approached the belt I noticed a solitary person strategically placed next to the where the bags appear. Yes you guessed it the overtaking passenger was the first person to stake his claim next to the conveyer. Why? I wondered to myself, do people feel the need to push, rush and shove past others, only to have to wait for their bags, then to queue to exit customs? The irony is that my bag came out first.

2 thoughts on “Why the rush?

  1. “The irony is that my bag came out first.” – That’s the universe for you– always playing tricks on the ones who think they can boss it around. 🙂

    Good for you for not becoming a sardine by choice! (Haha, that’s the first time I’ve ever written that sentence in my life. 😀 )

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