8 thoughts on “What’s going on?

  1. there is a Grand Trine at its peak tomorrow…
    Saturn in Scorpio pushes us to release. It also brings up all our resistance to accepting loss. It can take us to to those emotional and psychological states that have been frozen in some past moment of terror. Scorpio connects to the end of life, but also to the powerful forces that awaken desire and engender rebirth. Each moment of release moves emotions back into a living stream. This cleaning out and letting go, makes room for the abundance of Jupiter in Cancer, and for the visionary potential brought by Neptune in Pisces
    the trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune will be most exact on the 17th and 18th of July, and its influence will stream through the next 12 months. As you connect to your feelings on a deep level, the grand trine can bring out what is best in your life. If difficult feelings arise, be willing to stay with them until the waters run clear. Find a centering practice, meditate, or pray, or perhaps simply spend more time in nature, where an inner quiet can emerge. Such a practice, in turn, will help you realize how to act from a place of deep knowing. Even more, a new vision for your life can emerge, one that carries you for years to come.
    just a thought…this was only part of the article…I wasn’t sure if you read this kind of post…
    Take Care…

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