Adelaide lounge

Frequent travel has instilled in me the danger of leaving my belongings unattended. I was told I could leave my things behind when we were evacuated for an emergency drill; the lounge would be locked. An internal debate resulted in me leaving them on the chair. Later on I dutifully took my stuff with me to the bathroom. When I returned a man had claimed the space I’d been sitting in, obviously a frequent visitor to the Virgin Australia lounge as he spent the next twenty minutes chatting to the bar staff about their team mate.

The plates used here are understandably on the small side to accommodate pre-flight snacks. I find it odd that full sized cutlery is used; have I fallen down a rabbit hole? Popcorn is available sensibly served with a scoop. Crisps (chips) on the other hand need to be handled with extreme dexterity when using the allotted metal tongs.

3 thoughts on “Adelaide lounge

  1. I like the Air France lounge at JFK … it’s super cool. Also, the first-class lounge in Stockholm is a hoot. Small and impossible to figure out, and with reminders of the Star Wars’ bar. I finally just took a bottle of champagne and a glass and sat around the back of a closet/coat rack. I felt strangely Bohemian.

    • I worked in the Qantas first class lounge in Sydney for a few months. My favourite was the dark brown, leather lined floor of the library. Neither here nor there; disconnected transit; relying on others to carry you to your destination.


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