The Way of the Gull


I was inspired by my friend Libby’s story of the spiritual fulfilment she enjoys when she accompanies Mel on his pilgrimage from Sydney, Australia to Britain. Mel organises annual walking tours of the Isle of Man for people living with cancer. The following information is from Mel’s website:

Walks to inspire imagination, creativity and healing – a celebration of spirit!
Isle of Man Pilgrimages begins its program in July-August 2015 with a gently challenging walk around this beautiful island for people with cancer, lead by an experienced walker, himself a cancer survivor.
Carers are welcome.
The Isle of Man lies in the Irish Sea, between England and Ireland, and is a site of ancient Celtic spirituality. It offers walkers the opportunity for adventure and exploration, and the simple enjoyment of putting one foot in front of the other just to see where the path goes.
Raad ny Foillan – The Way of the Gull – is a 95-mile walking track around the coastline of the Isle of Man. It is a path across fields and clifftops, through glens and along beaches, almost always within sight of the sea.

Over 10 days we will walk together all the way around the island, in daily sections, returning each afternoon to a comfortable home-away-from-home for reflection and rest, and good food in good company.

 You can find more about the tours, Mel and Libby (Elisabeth) at

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