Reforming the world one burger at a time

Reading from a news headline, my husband let me know this morning that the Australian dollar is not looking good against other currencies. Apparently it is still worth going overseas to live like a king in Greece, Vietnam, India, Japan, and Indonesia. The article goes on to advise us that the cheapest maccers in the World is $1.56 in India; maybe a reason for me to stay in Australia especially as Vietnam has opened the door for MacDonalds to do its thing…….

3 thoughts on “Reforming the world one burger at a time

  1. Born in New Orleans, I grew up on creole food. But when traveling in France, found that inexpensive French food wasn’t what I had hoped for. Since we were on a fairly tight budget we actually ate at Burger King on the Champs Elysee. It didn’t taste like home, but it was cheap and filling. This fall in the South West of France I discovered that in French Restaurants the cheese burgers are to die for! Much better than any where in America. Not really inexpensive, but huge and delicious. Sort of embarrassed when people ask me what I liked to eat in France. I mean how plebeian can you get? But they really did ruin me for cheeseburgers at home. 🙂

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