I have a thing for bandstands. As I child I remember the difference in sound as I climbed the steps and entered these magical structures. The cold metal columns soaring up to an impossibly high ceiling were a place to play statues. They served as the starting and finishing posts in creating invisible crisscrossing patterns on the floor. 

Today I see them as accessible follies. They are a welcome blot on a park landscape. A happy reminder of times gone by, seldom used for their original purpose. 

Coincidentally the Sydney Urban Farm is being constructed in the background of the picture. It is on the site of another folly in today’s faster paced world; Camperdown Bowling Club. 

Petersham Park bandstand 

4 thoughts on “Folly

  1. My husband designed one for the courthouse grounds in Charlotte, TN not too long ago. Our rural area continues to keep alive many older traditions. Some of them, like pig calling contests, perhaps not quite on a par with others. 🙂

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