Winter thoughts

Circles were created in Paper 53 for iPad, grunge film and fisheye lens applied in Kitcamera. 

Winter thoughts

July has begun; 

Unfinished projects silently calling.

Cold blue skies and sun;

Days spent, body of heaviness, hauling.

Mornings are chilling;

My get up and go has got up and gone

Unable unwilling;

Inner fitness battle needs to be won.

Clear chill evening air;

Eight weeks ’til Sydney starts to warm again. 

Inspiration; where?

Revisiting, revising; learning reigns. 

5 thoughts on “Winter thoughts

  1. Lovely.

    I still can’t get my mind to wrap around ‘somewhere it is winter in July” as it is 40-45 degrees here. July and winter just don’t go together in the same sentence. hohoho

  2. Love the designs. Had the same problem Urspo has with July and winter together. We hit 99 last week. But you described the hibernation torpor beautifully.

    • Thank you Eileen, I hope the heat isn’t too uncomfortable for you. I agree about Winter and July, it took some getting used to, Christmas is the strange one for me. Santa and sunscreen just don’t seem to go well together.


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