Austerity measures

As a child Toblerone was for me the holy grail of chocolate, a treat at Christmas time. When white and dark bars along with giant Toblerones hit the shores of England I was in heaven. I enjoyed the nutty, mild honey taste along with the adventure of breaking it into pieces. It was not the easiest of confections to eat, especially when chilled. I remember the experience of biting a triangle off the bar as the adjacent piece scraped the gums surrounding my upper teeth. 

The bar has been downsized, with less pieces in each bar, now looking a bit like gaps from missing teeth. I have heard it said that the austerity measures are due to Brexit, perhaps the bars are a little easier to eat. Dezeen Magazine reports that the changes are shaping up to be the worst received redesign since Uber changed its logo this year. 

I invite you to share your thoughts. 

6 thoughts on “Austerity measures

  1. Don’t know anything about Toblerone or Uber’s new logo, but it’s a delightful change to be decrying changes in candy and not changes in presidents. Thanks.

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