St. George

Detail of Ascalon, a contemporary representation of the legend of Saint George and the dragon. It is located in the yard of St. George’s Cathedral, Perth, Australia. The work is designed by Western Australian artists Marcus Canning and Christian de Vietri. 

Saint George is the patron saint of England. He is reputed to have slain a dragon in the Middle Ages. The story is likely to have emerged from the Middle East, being carried back to England by the Crusaders. 

3 thoughts on “St. George

  1. In the picture at the top of my blog is a small pewter dragon that I somehow knew would be somewhere in the town where we were vacationing. I had no idea what it would look like or represent, just that I was going to find a dragon to buy that would be meaningful to me and I would know it when I saw it. Weird, but I was sure of it. And then I found this one and knew it was the one, even before I realized it was resting on a knight’s helmet, picking its teeth with a sword, and had a chain mail glove on the end of its tail……also a considerable bulge in its tummy!!!

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