Conference with a view

So many conference venues I have visited either don’t have windows or they are heavily shaded. What a treat this week while attending a University Community Safety and Wellbeing conference; windows and views. 

The Elizabeth Street clock tower completed in 1907 is a Melbourne landmark. Glimpsing it signals proximity to Flinders Street railway station. 

This picture was taken from a room on the twelfth floor of Victoria University, 300 Flinders Street. 

3 thoughts on “Conference with a view

  1. I hate rooms without windows. Maybe the idea is to save on utilities and keep conference attendees focused, but they feel like Egyptian tombs. I confess, I also dislike all the windows in a church being stained glass, because we live in a rural setting where many of the churches are surrounded by woods and even deer. Nothing focuses me on God as much as nature and beauty. And a lot of stained glass shows a message, but isn’t beautiful. When I’m in church, I’m hearing the message, let me see the reflections of God in nature or beauty. I enjoy your photos. They expand my world. thanks.

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