Be, bee

Sitting on the left hand side of George (not the Beatle) Harrison’s English Language class, I recall a grey cloudy day. Typical English weather regardless of the season. 

Individual timber desks with lift up tops and a place for an ink pot with a sliding brass cover were arranged in rows of two. Monica with long brown hair and a Mediterranean complexion sat next to me. It was unusual to have a pupil from America at Harborne Hill Secondary Modern. 

While travelling to work yesterday morning I was cogitating the word live. It brought back this happy school memory from 1979. It was the day I learned about words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. There and their is an everyday example that causes some to agonise over which to use in a sentence. 

An in-class competition of which pair of students could come up with the most examples was run. It doesn’t matter if we won or not. Even today I play the homophone identification game in my head. It brings focus to my otherwise  chaotic mind. 
I took the photograph of the bee mural while on an Experimental walk

8 thoughts on “Be, bee

  1. Were you originally from America? as in unusual to have a fellow American at…………….
    Love the painting…..that’s cool.
    I taught first grade and those homophones drove the poor kids crazy learning to read and spell.
    I sometimes am amazed anyone learns to read and write English.

    • I see why “fellow pupil from America” could be confusing, I will fix it up. I don’t remember learning about grammar at school. Such a shock when relearned French as an adult!

      • I have no ear for language. I can read and write some French and Spanish, but when we travel with our son to France, he tells me not to attempt anything in French. He says they are very proud of their language and they might deport us, if I spoke it.

        Small, possibly temporary victory in the Tennessee Legislature. They dropped the bill that would go against the law of our country and limit legal marriage to a man and woman. I had written, emailed, and called everyone possibly involved, but doubt anyone read anything. Maybe the call at least got counted. We persevere as the resistance to the idiocy that has captured our government.

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