“Tut”outrageous behaviour

One day I was waiting for the bus, in a world of my own. Slowly a few other people added to the number, haphazardly positioned around the stop. 

When the bus arrived I moved in line with the doors. Noticing a few passengers inside the bus who were making their way to the front, presumably to alight, I took one step back. As I did so a person rushed in front of me to get onboard. I would normally not react to this sort of occurrence. On this occasion I declared, “you’re supposed to wait until people have got off!”
Months, and many trips have passed since this experience. This morning while reenacting the scene, I was reminded of it. This was immediately followed by questions: who made the rule? And, even though I prefer not to queue, was I outraged that someone jumped in front of me?
The answer to the former and the latter is, while I can’t remember being formally trained in the niceties of polite travel on public transport, it is an ingrained, British thing to give way to others. 

6 thoughts on ““Tut”outrageous behaviour

  1. I feel for you Robert. I’m on crutches and had been waiting log time for my bus yesterday. As happened with you, a man ran up and tried to board, the driver told him to get off and wait, which he did. By the time the bus emptied there were two more people lined up behind him while the rest of us had held back to allow people room. Very rude and totally self centered.

  2. On my first trip to Germany I had a sprained ankle. After touring a castle on a mountain, I was hurting and instead of trying to walk back down, I waited for the horse drawn carriages that took people down to where our tour bus was parked. I stood in what I thought was a line (queue), but each time a carriage stopped people behind me pushed ahead of me and left no room. By the fourth carriage, I used my elbows to jab viciously backwards to keep a person from shoving past and I finally managed to get into a carriage. And luckily friends had been pleading with the bus driver not to leave me behind, because he was warning that his schedule required them to leave. I don’t know what I would have done if left there. I don’t know the nationalities of the tourists who shoved ahead. Don’t think they were English speaking though.

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